Saturday, December 31, 2011


cheers to the furrows on our brows
to each hard won victory
cheers to the losses that grew us up
killed our pride and filled our cup

cheers to the friendships well worn in
that time nor distance altar
here's to the sleepers, we'll see again
fine company in memoriam

cheers to the passing of our youth
the death of lust not wonder
a toast to the lessons not yet learned
and to the trials that will teach them.

-- excerpted from brooke fraser's "here's to you"

it's handy for reflection's sake that my birthday is so near to the new year celebration.

yesterday marked the end of my 22nd year.
it grew me up:
graduation from college,  a senior recital, counseling,
goodbyes to dear friends and a full-time job.
it killed my pride:
no more old, safe markers of identity;
gone is the security of school,
and there were no impressive post-grad plans.
and it filled my cup:
i am learning contentment,
and i am seeing God's hand of provision for me
in surprising ways in this new season.
it has not been easy,
but here's a toast--to the new year, and to the passing of my youth.
may this year's trials bring new lessons,
new wisdom,
and new hope.

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  1. Love this! Thank you for reminding me of the goodness of this song... been thinking about it a lot today.