Friday, December 9, 2011

autumn in summary.

some autumnal happenings in photograph form.  this is going to be long because i've procrastinated.  you've been warned... 

(refer to my to-do list on the left for the checking off of a few items!)

the always incredible civil wars live in concert.  it was an unexpected pleasure to see my bloggy soulmate julie there in person.  she is dear to me.  and a totally hardcore fan.

treats out with some wonderful women in my life.


my first live college football game.  we lost by one point in the last second.  chris still can't talk about it, but we cheered ourselves hoarse.

fun and familiar faces in portland (oh papa long, where is our photo together?!  next time...)

sacred sounds with our lovely friends the katos.  they are so good to us.  it was a little strange and anxious for me to be there for the first time not singing in the choir, but it still was a beautiful concert.  i even stayed up late on a work night.  rebellious me.

picked out the perfectly stumpy tree with my housemates--and it provided the occasion for our first house picture, all of us together, finally!  i live with some spunky, interesting, intelligent women.  they keep me on my toes, and i'm glad i'm with them during this strange, transitional year post-spu.  

my life is so rich.  there are hard moments, and i don't want to pretend here in cyber space that those moments don't exist--but it helps me to be grateful for the things i have when i celebrate the beautiful, exciting moments.  even when that thanksgiving comes in the form of a little blog and a few photographs.

good night, dear reader.


  1. I don't really know what the last picture is supposed to represent, but it's a good one. The others are good as well.

  2. you are so dear to me. Is it weird that I look forward to getting to know you even better as this year continues? Even though I've known you for awhile? :)

    Love you.