Sunday, January 1, 2012

home for the holidays.

happy new year, friends!  i am a bit late in posting some of my celebrations for christmas this year, but i  hope you'll enjoy the festive atmosphere of the photos even a few days later...

kicking off the season's celebrations in seattle: kato cocoa and ice-skating with housemates (not pictured:  chris' first experience with that holiday classic, Elf.  we think it was a success).

then, onto portland...for an entire 7 days!  i can't tell you how good it felt to be there for longer than a weekend.  

my entry for the family gift exchange: a terrarium.  this year's theme was "peace on earth."  the goal is to be crafty and clever for under $10.  i was even nominated for the "most creative" prize this year!

1.  britt celebrates with us on the eve 
2.  birthday shopping
3.  mom and tay
4.  the man who taught me my love for chocolate chips--dad!

1.  gramma inspires me
2.  munchies
3.  curly cousin
4.  mom!

this christmas also included a brief trip down to eugene to see a portion of the extensive long side of the fam...

...and a lovely visit with two out of the three sisterhood besties.  if only dear fujii could have joined us.  not pictured were some delightful coffee dates with other friends whom i've not had the pleasure of seeing for some time.  i appreciate the opportunity to cross paths with old friends when we all come home for the holidays.  sometimes i worry this will not happen with my spu friends because we are from all over the country (and the globe!).

and now i am back, thankful for the comforts of family, but slowly settling back into what God has for me here in seattle.  sometimes i forget.  i'm trying not to take any of it for granted.  i don't know what this next year will hold, but i will attempt to hold it loosely in my hands and enjoy.

here's to 2012.

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