Thursday, January 5, 2012

tent city.

my beloved chris was one of two primary student leaders heading up the effort to bring tent city 3 to SPU.*

it is a bit unreal to see our idea--formulated two and a half years ago, just a handful of us dreaming in weter--now featured in glossy reality on the school website.  i don't know if i ever believed we could convince them.  all the meetings with professors and faculty seemed to applaud our idealism but shake their heads at the sheer effort and persuasion involved--they told us the task was monumental and probably not realistic.  it was quite the ride to go from talking about it among ourselves on study breaks to full-blown proposals to the university president.  and even then, it seemed distant and unattainable--so many logistical considerations, so much public relations riskiness...

so i couldn't help but smile as i read this paragraph from the latest email from our very own president eaton:

"Some two years ago, we began to consider inviting Tent City 3 to locate on our campus for two months during a school year. This all began, actually, at the initiative of our students. For a decade or more Tent City has worked hard to address meaningfully the needs of the homeless in our city...We are shaped as Christians by the mandate of the gospel of Jesus to remember the poor. How we do that, we must all decide. In this case, we decided that Tent City 3 was one small way we could live out our mission at Seattle Pacific to engage the culture and change the world through the gospel of Jesus. If we can make some small impact to help these people get back on their feet, that would be wonderful."
well said, dr. eaton.

for more info on tent city 3, click here or here.
for more thoughts from my brilliant boyfriend, check out his blog here.

God is able!  i will be praying for the hearts and minds of current SPU students to be transformed and challenged by this opportunity to spend time with individuals outside of our own familiar, middle-class backgrounds.

life is full of surprises.

*(i actually contributed to the process myself, a bit, in the way of research, writing, and PowerPoint-ing).

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  1. Well put, love. And to anybody who reads this comment (one, two of you???!!?!) Sarah was irreplaceable in this effort. Boo, without your help in putting together that articulated and grammatically correct viewbook, we wouldn't be here today. I was simply a spokesperson. You deserve just as much credit.

    Love you. This tribute was a good one.