Sunday, February 5, 2012

another visit.

i am unspeakably grateful for every opportunity i have to mix my portland and seattle worlds.  it is important to me that my loved ones in both cities understand and ideally, experience my love for the other city--because i really do feel at home in both beautiful places.  it makes me feel less divided when my two worlds overlap.

tiffers, her husband ian, and kels made the journey north from portland to seattle--and in a stroke of good luck, taylor had already planned to visit, as well!  a lovely reunion unfolded on a crisp, gray seattle weekend.


we wandered around discovery park for hours.  and i do mean hours, because we got lost and hiked around for miles before we finally stumbled back to the car.  warm bowls of pho and a group nap perked us right back up...

...just in time to make a delicious fruit pizza for dinner.  ps kelsey is good at everything requiring accuracy.

the fruit made us feel more justified about eating a giant cookie for dinner.

brittlor is cute.

and i have missed my brother.

it is good to have my loved ones near me.

happy sunday, dear reader.

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