Wednesday, February 29, 2012

more on secrets.

Am I willing to show up faithfully, nurturing relationships with God and others, using my gifts in small unnoticed ways, serving without fanfare, praying in my closet, giving in secret, washing windows and dishes, listening to a student in need during my week of teaching, turning off the computer to say a prayer of gratitude to God during a spectacular sunset?  I hope so.  I pray it will be so.

--my pastor Richard Dahlstrom (emphasis added)

don't give up, you faithful ones.  your steadfastness tells me a little more about the quiet strength required to choose the way of love, which looks weak and can feel like dying.  thank you for the moments when you pray and serve and give without any eyes upon you, for offering your best when no one notices.  you are the builders of the Kingdom, brick by brick.  and the things you do in secret will one day blaze in the light.

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