Tuesday, March 6, 2012

there is nothing yet in truest form.

we walk like ghosts upon the earth
the ground it groans
how long till you save us all?

i groan, i wait anxiously to arrive, i am knit back together only to find myself wrenched back apart.  i learn and forget and must remember it all over again.  i want to be well but it hurts to heal.  i find comfort in the one who calls his burden light because i choose a heavy load.  i see the light and i rejoice, but i am learning the truth, the beauty, in this, too: "from dust you came, to dust you will return."  i feel the dust, feel the cracking and the aching and i am angry with myself for my shortcomings.  i remember again that i cannot heal myself and i return to the one who is able; sometimes i come begrudgingly, but find life and hope when i look beyond myself.  it is difficult, it requires endurance and patience, and i lack these things too often.  i ache to be in my truest form but being born is not a tidy process.

we must experience the death to also experience the resurrection.  it is fitting that i remember this during the lenten season.

how long will you wait?
turn your face to me

lyrics by gungor.

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  1. Sarah... another tear-inducing post. Beautiful. Thank you.