Wednesday, April 18, 2012

jamie the very worst missionary.

i have a new blog crush.

three words to sell you on her: sassy, sarcastic, and theologically-minded.  jamie and her family are missionaries in costa rica, and her writing is about as honest and hilarious as you can get, even while she makes some terrific observations about christian culture and the grace of God.  her honesty is startling and witty and just a tad bit vulgar...a strange combination, maybe, but i'm hooked!

some personal favorites:

her series on short-term missions and why they might be more beneficial for the people going than the people being "served."

her love/hate relationship with the bachelor (with a theological twist).

on raising sons to guard their hearts.  (silent laughter in the office cubicle.  silent nod of approval).

peruse as you will!  

note:  she can have a bit of a mouth on her--if occasional cursing makes you uncomfortable, this blog may not be your cup of tea!  

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