Friday, May 4, 2012

new york.

our east coast adventure (in diptych, triptych, and quadtych):

we were reunited.

we lunched in central park.

 (things chiseled of stone)  ;)

we explored tasha's new home and special spots.

we appreciated the exquisite architecture of manhattan.

we zipped all over the city, armed with our handy metro passes (we even felt like we blended in, sometimes).

we had good conversations and remembered it was earth day (thank you, green empire state building).

we meandered along highline park (the highlight for me--I love the surprise of nature in the middle of a city).

(she is full of whimsy!)

we appreciated the beauty of a city of lights.

(double take?)

we even found time to flirt.

a terrific, relaxing, adventurous, tasty, affirming trip.
where to next?

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  1. Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka!!!

    Ps. These are beautiful.