Friday, June 29, 2012

a fat and juicy june.

when i add it all up in my head, all the things june has held for me, it is a fat month, ready to take a nap after a thanksgiving feast, loosening its belt because it's literally bursting at the seams.  the past few weeks have been full of good things, and the very fullness brings with it a sort of exhaustion, a tiredness that is nonetheless full of satisfaction.

in june, i celebrated 2 years and 8 months of dating chris kyle.
i also said i would be his wife.
and the very next day, i got to celebrate 23 years of chris kyle being alive.
overall, i am a big fan of chris kyle.


i signed a lease with four plucky housemates, just on the other side of the water from our former perch on queen anne hill.
here we come, wallingford
we used a whole lot of paint and a dozen bottles of 409 to whip the place into shape.
i helped pack up boxes of household items,
lug furniture,
load and unload the uhaul.
and in the end, we love having our own rooms and appreciate the quirky charm of the house.

in the midst of this i celebrated the 24 years my dear roomie has been alive.
naturally she cooked us curry from the motherland
and we read poems in her honor
and i am going to soak up these last few months of living in bedrooms side-by-side
because she knows me well
and i will miss her cheerful questions, her steady presence, and her closet
when she isn't just a room away.

finally, i moved into a promoted position at my workplace.  this is a good thing.  it's still not where i hope to be for the long-term, but i can say simply that i have learned much about not equating my identity with what i do.  we are still whole people, beloved and valuable, when doing unspectacular things.  in fact, i think this has a lot to do with the kingdom of heaven.

june.  you have been eventful and full and deliciously juicy.  somehow i have picked my way down a steady, resolute path, trying to savor every moment instead of slipping into panic and anxiety.  today is the day the Lord has made.

i do hope for a quiet july.

happy friday.


  1. I am so happy for you, I am constantly impressed with the thoughts you share on your blog and I look forward to seeing/reading what this new adventure will create in your life!

    I'm sending you love and light!

  2. arww, congratiulations!
    I'm sure you guys will have an amazing wedding...