Saturday, June 9, 2012

i'll know my name as it's called again.

I can’t stop reading old posts from Danielle’s blog about the Kingdom of God and living with Somali refugees in low-income housing (her blog is private for the protection of those with whom she works, but you can read some of her more public writing here).  At the very same time, I’m beginning to participate in a committee at work of young employees charged with helping to imagine a “cool” new workspace in efforts to attract young people to the rather unglamorous seafood industry. 
I feel the tension inside me, the excitement of creating and even of simply belonging to something at work, and the silliness of trying to be hip and cutting edge just to attract a selfish generation who expects couches and X-boxes at work. 
And I wonder, what’s okay to go along with, and when is it time for me to say, enough, too far, I can’t pretend to believe this?  The Kingdom of God turns everything on its head, it breaks down walls between economic classes and education and races and gender, and the main reason the crowds wanted to kill Jesus is because he upset the status quo.  They studied their Bibles and didn't recognize God when he walked around with them.  He made the privileged uncomfortable, and gave new dignity to the outcasts. 
And I wonder what this means for me, and my life, and when I need to be okay with not fitting in or being glamorous.

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