Wednesday, June 6, 2012

i'm about...

These days I am about early bedtimes.  I am about raisins in my oatmeal and English breakfast tea and being up with the sun (an arranged marriage, for sure).  I am about The Message translation of the Gospels and not getting so worked up over things I cannot control.  I am about budgets and attempts at financial independence.  I am about birthday cards.  I am about asparagus and quinoa and M&Ms.  I am about blogs written by smart, strong, faithful women.  I am about feminism mixed in with faith.  I am about missing my family and friends in Portland.  I am about Seattle’s parks and Queen Anne hill.  I’m about Parenthood season 2 on Netflix.  I’m about the longer days of the summer and hours of light after work.  I’m soon to be about Wallingford.  I really need to be about packing, but I can’t honestly say this is what I’m about, currently.  I am about cutting myself off in the middle of rants that are only inside of my head, because they don’t solve anything and only stir up discontent in my heart.  I am about learning not to despise my job so fiercely.  I am about dreaming for future adventures and new chapters.
I want to be about generosity.  I want to be about fewer restaurant trips and about meeting needs of people who are really hurting.  I want to be about prayer for people who ask (and event those who don’t).  I want to be about telling the truth even when it is hard and about listening well.  I want to be about seeking those things in which I see and taste the Kingdom of God.  I want to be less about social networks and more about real life.  I want to be less about having cool stuff and more about making people feel loved and valuable.
Without being cheesy and trying to “invite readers in”—I sincerely wanted to ask: what are you about lately?


  1. I love this, thank you for sharing. I might even do a copy-blog we'll see :) Thank you for always inspiring me!

  2. huuum for the fun of it, lately I am about:

    -early mornings and coffee dates with Jesus
    -two day weekends with my hubby
    -Voxing with my best friend
    -quality time with oters
    -Bunheads (by the writer of Gilmore Girls) didn't want to like it, but by association I can tell I will be hooked
    -Prayer (becasue I am constantly being reminded of how faithful God is through it)
    Probably facebook could be on this list but I'm refraining because I don't want to be about that lol.
    -And enjoying my kidos and seeing joy through them.

    I love you Sarah thanks for sharing. P.S. quinoa is one of my new favorite words and I say it to make my self laugh during a long day. It also is yummy.