Tuesday, July 31, 2012

wedding school.

most of the analogies i have for wedding-planning thus far are school-related:

1.  it's like having an incredibly complex and important final project assigned at the beginning of the quarter.  half your grade depends on your performance in this one project or presentation.  you know you need to plan ahead.  your professor tells you not to leave it off until the last minute, because it's too much work to pull off in an all-nighter, and you want to be planning way in advance, but somehow it's hard to get around to that big project when all the other little assignments are piling up.  how does one plan so far in advance when other small tasks seem more pressing in everyday life?

(at times, it really feels like, wedding plan, or grocery shop?)

2.  it's also like that season right after graduation, and everyone asks you the same questions like they're reading from a script, so you compose your own script to respond to all those repeated queries.  you make up short answers and repeat them over and over again, until you have your speech almost memorized.  it's not that you don't want to talk about it with people, it's just that the questions all blur together and sometimes you just want to talk about something else other than the hot topic, like the weather, or a good book.  i'm not sure what's more intimidating--people asking what i'm going to be doing with my life and how i plan to use my music degree, or people asking what my colors are and if i've picked a date yet.

(i don't know, and yes--finally).

lots of big decisions in life lately.  maybe this is what your twenties are all about?  nonetheless, i welcome your prayers: for wisdom, for patience, for perspective.

and all that said--engagement is pretty darn exhilarating and wonderful and somehow peaceful, all at the same time.  the wedding will get planned, and we'll look forward to all the days we get to spend together after one big party with friends and family.

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  1. And know, love, that it is a group project...you have help and support wherever you need it!