Wednesday, July 25, 2012

what is essential.

it's effortlessly easy to tell someone else to sit tight, to trust God, to enjoy the moment, to be present in this season because all things pass, even the good parts, i've said each phrase a million times--

it is another thing entirely when the burden of the unknown is your own, and you live all the boring moments in between, and you're afraid because you don't know how all of this will possibly work out the way you want it to (even as you begrudgingly admit it's probably a good thing that it won't all go according to your plan).  times are a'changing, but none of it is quite what you expected, and somehow you're still afraid you'll be stuck here forever.

(i laugh when i hear other people say this, because nothing in life is static--but it does feel so threatening and entirely possible when i'm the one doing the living).

so i take deep breaths, and i remember times in the past when i felt stuck, and how God was faithful, and i make time for stories and music and honest conversation with loved ones.  madeleine l'engle says this about art:

"We turn to stories and pictures and music because they show us who and what and why we are, and what our relationship is to life and death, what is essential, and what, despite the arbitrariness of falling beams, will not burn...(Art) is not then, at its best, a mirror but an icon.  It takes the chaos in which we live and shows us structure and pattern, not the structure of conformity which imprisons but the structure which liberates, sets us free to become growing, mature human beings."

i am thankful stories and songs and poems are one means of God's grace to me when revelation and direction seem far.

God--please forgive how quickly i forget that you are good, and that you are intimately with us when we are suffering.  you don't always provide answers, but your love never fails and never abandons us.  and you are enough.

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