Friday, September 14, 2012

i'm about...

lately, i'm about:

jello pudding cups.

quirky little pop tunes by lucy schwartz.

the rain visiting once again (though i am also about sunshine and hazy sunsets and light jackets).

this crinkly eye smile.

family visiting seattle (and my new blue pants).

parenthood season 3 (i cry almost every episode...probably because i watch alone).


and i'm about romans in the message translation, because it always teaches me something about laying down the heavy burden of trying to be good enough on my own.  i am about extra to-do lists and stacks of postage and thrifting for wedding decorations i like.  i'm about personality tests and talking about my feelings and sharing too many planning details with my housemates (they're patient, bless them).  i'm about pushing through at work because this is a season already chock full of transition.  i'm about wearing a sweatshirt in the morning because it's a few degrees chillier, and sleeping deeply at night because i've worked hard for the day.  i'm about missing my friends and family in portland.  i'm about books checked out from the library, and especially about memoirs--i love hearing people tell the stories of their lives.  i'm about coffee on saturdays and lunch breaks on the picnic bench with work friends and letting my hair grow long.  i'm about attending many, many weddings.

i want to be more about prayer for my family, for my friends, for leaders who need wisdom and strength to make good choices that affect many people.  i want to be about making music and not worrying over this so often.  i want to be about running a little more frequently.  i want to be about meetings with bob, our dear friend and ceremony officiant, because he is so smart and so refreshing to my spirit.  i want to be about regular phone dates with my wise and witty brother.  i want to be about being gracious and generous at a time when people expect me to be stressed out and demanding.  i want to be about forgiving people at work who offend or irritate me, because i can't ask for mercy if i cannot grant it.  i want to be about falling more in love with my fiance and more in love with Jesus.


what are you about lately?


  1. absolutely. are you all caught up? i'm trying to burn through season 3 quickly since season 4 just started airing.