Wednesday, October 24, 2012


maybe liking perks of being a wallflower is a little cliche right now,
especially for a seattle-ite in an indie-saturated city,
but i loved it.
chris and i both cried.
i love an underdog story.
i think we can all relate with the loneliness portrayed,
wanting desperately to connect and belong,
even if our stories don't involve all the same elements as charlie's.
i walked out of the film wanting to be more conscious of
the ones who don't seem important,
or blend into the background.
they are full of surprises.
and, like many fans, i was particularly struck by this quote:
"we accept the love we think we deserve."
why are we so skeptical?  why do we put up walls?
why are we hungry for intimacy, yet unable to rest in it?
why are we suspicious, refusing to believe our loved ones?
and why do we so often settle?
i want to stop trying to qualify the love offered me, trying to earn it or deserve it,
because i think love really is a gift--not a wage.
do you think we struggle to accept something we feel we don't deserve?

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  1. Great post, boo. Thought I'd chime in here rather than tell you in person.

    Also, is this really becoming a cliche'd movie? It's only made about 10 mil, and was a limited release. Perhaps we can save this gem to show others ourselves rather than let media take it over.