Tuesday, November 20, 2012

autumn comings and goings.

adventures we undertook while the leaves changed colors:

a trip to leavenworth: we watched friends cross the line in a half-marathon and enjoyed german food in this little (rather kitschy) town east of seattle.

a bachelorette adventure (for me?!) involving white water rapids, crafting courtesy of tiff and kels, delicious meals, and some group naps.  (thanks for organizing, stephlet).

a celebration of 24 years of michael frank (at a speakeasy, where else).

a shower thrown (for me?!) by my stylin' and wise grandma.  it's always good to see the portland crowd.

the nuptials of my dear friend jacob.

misc. autumn highlights: time with my brother / finally a trim
thai with ty / my favorite part of the season.

and if all of that was making you yawn--perhaps your eyes have glazed over?--here is your reward for scrolling all the way through: meet bandit, the new love of my life.  i wish he was mine, but i'll puppysit whenever it's needed.  HEART MELTED, RIGHT?  he even knows how to sit already.  picture a cotton ball sitting on command, with a cuteness factor x 1000.


happy autumn, and a merry thanksgiving week!

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  1. I love it. Beautiful pictures, beautiful people, beautiful life. Here's to continuing to share it with you.