Friday, February 15, 2013

bits & pieces.

life lately...

1, 2, 3: Following ikea instructions, nailing things into walls, and trying to make our new apartment feel like home.
4 & 5: Taking walks around Queen Anne hill and enjoying the mild winter.
6 & 7: Getting out and about--Valentine's dinner a few days early to avoid the rush; the Dearborn concert (be still, my heart, at those sister-sweet-harms).
8 & 9: Good reads.
10: A gnocchi craze (excuse my food pic).
11. Chris' love for argyle socks expands into new territory.
12. Valentine's Day from my mom (she knows me).


Have a happy (long) weekend!  I'm headed to Boise for the first time in a year and looking forward to the plane ride and a reunion with a family whose name I now share.

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