Thursday, February 28, 2013

quotes of the week.

In fact, I think the fight for equality is essential to empowering all people to step into their unique, individual callings. Sometimes those callings might align with traditional essentialist accounts of gender and gender roles. Sometimes they won’t. The fight for equality ensures that either way, the dignity of the individual and the unique giftings that God has imprinted on them are expressed in the fullest sense, bringing glory to the Gifter...Enforcing rigid gender roles is about power and control, but full submission, each to every other, embracing a community and a Kingdom designed to empower and embolden all who would seek it first for the purposes of its advancement, this I believe, is the full expression of the Imago Dei that God lovingly imprinted on humanity.

-This gentleman commenting on this post from last autumn.

I am inspired by those that have gone further to identify feminism as a tool by which we identify oppression. Feminist thought has helped to critique, subvert and deconstruct much more than the oppression of women – by identifying the problem of treating women as non-persons it highlights the issue for other non-persons in the world.
-Harriet Long

I want to clear up what I mean when I say "feminist" in the blogosphere: if does not advocate for freedom from domination, hierarchy, and power imbalances for all people, it is worthless...I claim the name Feminist proudly, because for me, it means that I am actively working to end all forms of injustice.

"I ask (my students) how many would say they are feminists. Usually four or five raise their hands outright...Usually the others look kind of sheepish or look out the window. I ask them how many of them think women can do anything men can do; that both genders should feel free to follow their careers or stay home and have babies; that the political positions of women of color are just as important as those of white women; that immigrant women’s voices should be heard and valued as much as Southern belles who can trace their ancestry back before the Civil War.

They raise their hands, always, all of them.

 'Congratulations,' I say. 'You’re contemporary feminists.'"
-J.R. Goudeau

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