Tuesday, March 26, 2013

i'm about...(III)

these days, i am about taking a walk outside in the middle of the morning, giving my eyes a break from the incessant florescent glow of my cubicle, allowing my skin a few moments to soak in the sun.  i am about mandarin oranges and almond milk (but oh, i mourn the loss of cheese in my life).  i am about helping chris make our speciality gnocchi dish for friends.  i am about giving myself permission to take a break from the to-do list, from high expectations of myself, and engage in real rest (this is connected to my word of choice for 2013, authority).  i am about ordering thank you notes and preparing myself for constant hand cramps, because there is much for which to be grateful.  i am about button-up shirts.  i am about work-outs from Fitnessista because i want to be about trying new things (silly name, but a good resource).

i am about jen hatmaker and brian mclaren...and did i mention brian mclaren?  i'm definitely (HOLY YES) about this book of his i'm currently reading, and i'm still about updating my book spreadsheet so i can remember what i've read lately.


i'm about daylights savings.
i'm about friends who like to talk as seriously about theology, personality tests, and food as i do.
i am unshamedly about our wedding photos, because this is a day i want to remember and celebrate.  i am surprised but happy to see how often i am laughing in the photos (i think i am very serious, but maybe i giggle more than i realize).


i want to be about cooking a little more often.  i want to be about using my own voice and not relying on others to speak for me all the time.  i want to be about gentleness.  i want to be about practicing what i think and read about, about generosity and taking risks and humble living.  i want to be about letting things soak in and not feeling so oversaturated with voices.  i want to be less about comparison and more about confidence in my calling.  i want to be about people who look and think differently than me.  i want to be about the Kingdom of God in my money, my relationships, my time, my job, my expectations, my every-last-thing. i want to be less about material items.  i want to be about fasts from social media and buying more stuff.  i want to be about intimacy, not the social circuit.
what are you about these days?

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  1. I love what you're about. PS A Generous Orthodoxy has been a fav of mine also.