Wednesday, March 27, 2013

the sisterhood.

today i am reminiscing.
i am unspeakably grateful to have shared so many important seasons and experiences with these three women.  we love to take photos to celebrate our bond (unashamedly), but i am also thinking of the moments when the camera is put away and we are holding hands, crying and confessing and hoping.  we have been there, together, through braces and middle school drama, mission trips and lunch breaks, proms and football games, break-ups and deaths, college and christmas breaks, marriage and other new adventures.  we are a mix of creativity and type a personalities, youngest and eldest siblings, and we are all terribly stubborn and sentimental.
i miss them.  i hope for so many more memories and shared experiences as we gain new wrinkles and wisdom.
(some wedding photos for today's remembering, since i am still delighting over my own).



any sage advice on maintaining deep friendships despite the distance?


  1. What beautiful women! And what a honor it has been to see you four do friendship together.

    1. you are well practiced at long distance yourself...i'm open to any of your sage advice. xo