Wednesday, April 24, 2013


We spent an hour or so exploring Carkeek Park last Saturday (the final event for our wellness challenge at work: explore and frolick in a new park).
"A city is so overstuffed with stimuli that we need to constantly redirect our attention so that we aren't distracted by irrelevant things, like a flashing neon sign or the cellphone conversation of a nearby passenger on the bus. This sort of controlled perception -- we are telling the mind what to pay attention to -- takes energy and effort...

Natural settings, in contrast, don't require the same amount of cognitive effort...While it's long been known that human attention is a scarce resource -- focusing in the morning makes it harder to focus in the afternoon -- Kaplan hypothesized that immersion in nature might have a restorative effect...
Natural settings are full of objects that automatically capture our attention, yet without triggering a negative emotional response -- unlike, say, a backfiring car. The mental machinery that directs attention can relax deeply, replenishing itself."
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  1. erhmergersh, your hair. Luscious.

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful nature pics! I miss trees.

    1. you are too good to me.

      i'm sure the plains have a beauty and appeal of their own...?