Thursday, June 6, 2013


i was able to spend an entire week in portland in may for several momentous events: taylor's junior recital, dad's 50th birthday, and the sorting through of all those childhood boxes my mom has graciously been storing at her house (even through a move last year).
some highlights from this most recent trip to portland, to remember...

the recital--a lovely, interesting array of pieces that showcased taylor's talent and fierce commitment to his craft.

(just leaning casually while introducing the final piece).

favorite finds while sorting through the stacks of old schoolwork and trinkets: an undated self-portrait and my old mk & ash fan club kit (with official membership card included).

i was so happy to be reunited with my two pups while staying with my mom (lexi sat by my side during every moment i was sorting through boxes--she is a faithful, anxiety-ridden dog...i love her).

we also got to see lexi's other two puppies, who were adopted by my grandparents--i felt like one of those people as we walked all four of them in the park:

my bedtime reading for the week (inspiring, warm, relaxing--i like shauna and her thoughts on vulnerability and community over shared meals):

i want to eat this scone every day of my life.

a day spent downtown with tay, exploring the portland state campus and the city around it.

dad's 50th--dinner at a brewery, followed by paintball the next day (we all have a few bruises and feel generally hardcore).

and finally, a session trying our hand at frisbee golf (there was a couple awkwardly canoodling under a tree in a corner of the park, and i almost hit them with my ill-fated frisbee).


  1. That sounds like a wonderful visit home :) Can't wait til I see you in July!

    1. it WAS wonderful and relaxing, and i can't wait either. so many photos will be taken. maybe we need to fast from photos for one day so we can really soak in one another's company, camera-free.