Thursday, June 20, 2013

bits & pieces.

spring time highlights:

^^I had the opportunity to meet Rachel Held Evans when she spoke at SPU's Chapel service at the end of April.  I showed up an hour early for the express purpose of going fan girl on her.  Prior to taking this picture, she sniffed my hair deeply and told me it smelled nice.  I also confessed I planned to quit my job in time to come see her speak.  She was mildly alarmed.

^^RHE Day only became more surreal when she CAME OVER FOR DINNER.  Some of my old housies are in a book club and were reading through Rachel's book, and somehow they convinced her to come over after a full day of SPU events and eat with us while we bombarded her with questions and basked in her southern accent.  I had a glass of wine just so I could say I drank wine with Rachel Held Evans.  She is lovely, wise, and funny.  My crush has only deepened.

^^A quick trip to Idaho for some graduation festivities.

^^Some of my favorite people in the world made the trek from Portland to Seattle for a weekend visit.  We explored parks, went for walks, had semi-terrible restaurant service, and watched a lot of SNL.


^^Perks of working out at a little university gym after school is out for the summer...

^^I was able to spend a few days this spring volunteering in the first grade classroom of a college housemate and good friend, Alisa (Ms. RT to her students).  She runs a tight ship and it was amazing to watch her in command of her classroom.  Also, seven years old is a hilarious age.  If you've seen me in person in the last few weeks, I've probably told you I was asked by one little girl if I had a love life.

(PS Chris says the answer to the above math word problem is "19 cats donated to the local shelter."  Smash, I thought you would like that one).

And finally--I got glasses.  I found out I needed specs after the DMV administered a basic test while switching my license to my new name.  The world is now in high definition.  It is beautiful. 

It's been a good spring season.

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