Wednesday, July 24, 2013

ebey's landing.

Last weekend, Chris and I took a ferry to Whidbey Island with Theresa and Elias to hike a loop on the beach at Ebey's Landing.  Theresa was my lifeline while I was at Ocean Beauty, and she was also a much-valued source of imagination and inspiration during wedding-planning.  I am thankful for her continued creative and thrifty influence in my life.

My iPhone snaps pale in comparison to the beautiful film photography this couple is always shooting on their weekend adventures--go take a peek.  After months of looking at their photographs online, the chance to actually go on a hike with them sort of felt like being on a movie set--a little surreal, and strangely familiar...

It was a misty morning, which made for a freezing but gorgeous ferry ride across the Sound.

^^The brave carrier of snacks for the Kyle fam.

^^The Queen of Cool herself.

^^You can see the mist had burned off by the time we had looped back to our starting point.

I'm feeling tingles of more Northwest Spirit in my bones, as we returned from our most recent trip to Boise with camping gear donated most generously by Papa Kyle.  I sincerely hope another outdoorsy adventure awaits us in the near future--preferably involving a campfire, sleeping bags, and flannel.  And s'mores.  Always s'mores.

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