Tuesday, July 2, 2013

i'm about... (IV).

these days, i'm about tucking chris in for bed and then going back out to the living room to read late into the night.  for such endeavors, i'm about library books and reading time magazine cover to cover.  i'm about spotify (late to that train, i know) because you can listen to entire albums whenever you want.  for free!  i'm about ragged, honest worship music by the brilliance (brother to michael gungor from gungor) and the gorgeous, jazzy vocals by rachael price of lake street dive.  i'm about chrome instead of safari because you can leave all kinds of tabs for blogs you want to read later open, and it saves them for you!  sheer bliss.  i'm about simplifying--especially clothing.  i'm about taking my time to respond to emails.  i'm about pajamas for most days.  i'm about leaving all the windows of the apartment wide open and letting the breeze blow through all day.  i'm about foam rolling and letting my body rest when it needs that.

i'm about arrested development (we're on season 3.  i almost lose my mind over nearly every line buster or gob delivers).

i'm about sweet potato fries (2-3 every week...i can't stop.)

i'm majorly about a month of birthday celebrations (what is around 9 months before june...?)

beloved turns 24

party hat lerve.

the hostess with the mostest.

i want to be about learning to pray for people (always a weakness).  i want to be about vulnerability.  i want to be about a faith reflected in works of love and generosity.  i want to be about service.  i want to be about after-dinner walks and cold drinks.  i want to be about letting all those gorgeous, wise, true words i'm reading sink deep into my bones and change me.  i want to be about a beautiful first year of marriage.  i want to be about my family visiting me in seattle.  i want to continue to be about simplifying my relationships and investing in a smaller group of people more deeply.  i want to be about rest and living free of shame and guilt trips.

what are you about these days?

photo credit to some of those birthday celebration pics: miss danielle reaves.

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