Monday, August 19, 2013

brother in seattle.

Taylor came for a long weekend at the beginning of this month.  He is practically a regular in the friend group by now.  We're happy to have him each and every time.

Some highlights of this visit: devouring those dang gluten-free brownies, taking the ferry to Bainbridge, picking berries at Nate's house, floating in Lake Washington on Sunday afternoon with best friends, and watching the first half of The Newsroom, Season 1 (not pictured).  Tay slept to a track of rain sounds at night, which has inspired me to listen to Rain Sounds on Spotify when I'm missing the normal weather here in sunny Seattle.

Thanks for making memories together, Tay.

Bainbridge in August. from Sarah Kyle on Vimeo.


  1. This was a fantastic weekend. We didn't make that mac and cheese though. Come again Tay so we have an excuse to cook?

  2. Sweet brother bonding. I realize I'm commenting lame stuff...just deal! :) these are sweet posts.