Thursday, August 1, 2013

off the beaten path.

lately, i have been stumbling upon examples of individuals and families who eschew the traditional path of success and stability in order to seek a simpler way living.  i am looking to these examples of people who ask hard questions, who don't do things simply because "that's what you do," but instead reflect carefully on how to bring their values to life with the decisions they make every day.  this seems especially important and present to me during this first year of marriage, when the possibilities are endless.  how young and in many ways, unattached we are!  our lives could turn out so many ways, and we are willing to consider many different options--some stark alternatives to one another--because we are still in the process of deciding who we are to be and what we want to be about.

  it is deeply inspiring to me to remember, through the lives of others around me: we can choose to do things that may seem unstable or irresponsible, but actually bring life--to ourselves, to those around us.  we can espouse love, generosity, peace, forgiveness, and hope in radical ways.  we can decide to do the opposite of what is expected of us if it seems like the better, more loving thing to do.  we can surprise people.  we don't have to keep up with the joneses or do anything "just because."  we can head off the trail of normalcy in order to heed the call of God in our lives.

above, a video that features a particularly fun and inspiring example of a family choosing to take a year off and travel the country together--simplifying, growing, and practicing bravery as they choose hard but good things.

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