Wednesday, August 7, 2013

sisterhood in colorado: part I.

The first flurry of photos from our trip to Colorado...

Fujii and Aaron have been living in Colorado since 2009 because of work, and none of the sisterhood have had the opportunity to visit her temporary home, relying instead on internet stalking and photos to fill in the details.  When we all found ourselves unemployed at the same time--a bittersweet adventure, let me tell you--we decided to book tickets and do this thing.  While Aaron was out of town for training, the sisterhood swooped into Colorado Springs and spent four days together hiking, cooking, watching girl-power movies, and talking through the various transitions we find ourselves in lately.  A few glimpses:

Shopping for home cooked meals.

Fujii's dog Ollie (spelling, Fuj?) has some anxiety problems, but by the end of the trip he had learned the love of his aunties.  This was when we still made him nervous by looking at him.

Flash flood.

God bless caffeine.

The strangest chapel I've ever seen, on base at the Air Force Academy.

It was like a space ship, but with an organ and stain glass...

Part II still to come...


  1. Eek! I love seeing you ladies together enjoying the sweet consolation of sisterhood!

    Your description of the Academy chapel is incredibly accurate.

    Is Aaron working at the Academy? It's pretty amazing they've been in Colorado for so long (I think 3 years is average for most assignments).

    1. Aaron is indeed employed at the base! They are finishing their final year in Colorado and then Team Fujii-Kraft will be free birds. :)