Wednesday, August 14, 2013

sisterhood in colorado: part II.

Here's part II, as promised...

^^On Tuesday, we drove through the Springs to take in some of Colorado's best views.  I was awed by the stunning rock formations at Garden of the Gods.

^^We are almost too much.

^^Good?  Good.

^^My sweet mama snuck some money into my back account and told us to have dinner on her.  We ate at the only hipster-ish restaurant we could find in Colorado Springs, called The Rabbit Hole--it had references to Alice in Wonderland throughout its decor and menu options.  We all felt vaguely guilty about ordering dishes featuring rabbit (Rabbit pot pie!  Rabbit wrapped in steak!), considering we had all been delighted by a baby bunny in the yard earlier that day.

  Here are those photos as promised, Mom...

^^Taking Ollie for a walk.

^^We are shameless when together.

Tiffers.  My sunshine.

^^We decided the color of the sky was a sign we should head home.

^^I texted my brother during the visit to tell him about Ollie's anxiety issues.  He asked if we had been able to "pour into him" during our trip to get him to open up.  I sent this photo as my reply.


This chance to be together, making memories and sharing adventures, was so meaningful when our normal way of connecting is through brief updates over the phone or social media.  Doing daily life together is different (not always inherently worse, but different) than telling someone about your daily life.  You can miss out on the little details when summarizing or highlighting the latest developments, like what it looks like to cook a meal together or get grumpy or see someone's bedhead when they wake up.  Those small glimpses of the mundane can help build intimacy.

Once again, I think I'll steal my own Instagram caption to conclude:

We started making connections in kindergarten and were all friends by the seventh grade.  We've made it through braces, algebra, musical theatre, dating, break ups, youth group, prom, choosing a college and a major, deaths, weddings, moving, and more, all together.  I'm honored to know these women and allow them to know me.  Intimacy is good, hard work.


  1. 3 things.

    your amazing curly high bun.
    tiffany in the sunshine.
    Ollie's paw with your hands.