Friday, August 30, 2013

weekend in portland.

A few weeks ago, Chris and I drove to Portland to celebrate a wedding and a birthday (I'm looking at you, Mom).  Here are a few memories from the weekend...

^^This smiling photo is a miracle, because Seattle traffic nearly put us over the edge.  FIVE AND A HALF HOURS TO PORTLAND, PEOPLE.  It should have been three.  We'll never know why.

^^Lindsey and Jon--their love was sweet to witness.  They planned their elopement at the Goff family cabin in Canada, so friends and extended family gathered to celebrate a week later in Portland.  Please note the very chic, grown-up tutu.

^^Dad and his late summer harvest.

^^Dad, brother, and husband all mildly annoyed at my attempts to "capture the moment" by running ahead on the path and turning around to snap this photo.

^^The prettiest summer flowers in Mom's backyard.

^^TREASURE: found at Mom's.  Taylor the little angel--as a magnet.  This is a Sunday school craft crime, people.

^^Unusual discovery #2 of the weekend.

^^Happy early birthday, Mama!

^^Our failed attempt at a group self-portrait.

^^Howie the pup.


This reminiscing is getting me excited for an upcoming visit from some of these family members to explore my Seattle home.

Have a happy three-day weekend!

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  1. YESSSSS to the Taylor craft! That made me sooooo happy.