Sunday, September 29, 2013

autumn arrives.

it has rained in seattle all weekend,
and i find it simply delicious.
autumn, i love you, and the way you afford me access, at long last, 
to much-missed fuzzy socks, hot beverages, sweaters, 
and cozy reading or film-watching while the rain 
splatters on the window pane.


  1. I like the videos. Too bad I'm bad at doing stuff like that.

    I like the rain too, except for when I have to teach in it. And drive long distances in it. But other then that...

    1. You're not bad at "stuff like that." You're a creative man! And this was made using the very simple Instagram video feature...I think you could rock it.

      I may have inherited some of Mom's driving nervousness in the rain. Better to read and drink tea when it pours like this.

  2. I am such a fall baby, loving it too!! Also, sweet to see my little old red honda parked by our old house in your cover photo. <3

    1. Ah, good eye! I think it matched the autumn color palette perfectly! :)