Thursday, September 5, 2013

bits & pieces.

life lately...

we had a delightful dinner with dr. rendleman, our film professor from spu, who is from another era--he made separate cocktail drinks for the ladies and gentleman in attendance (the ladies' drink featured a tiny pepper wedged on the side of the cocktail glass) and has framed french film posters all over his house.  he also calls chris "tiger."  this is his bar cart.

a visit from one of the world's best, who lives too far away on the east coast.  

a beautiful view of the city from the roof garden at chris' new office.  

a new table for the apartment.  (handwriting by tasha).

enjoying discovery park with karianne, who is full of sunshine and wisdom.  she is someone who consistently invites me into vulnerability.

a dairy-free molten cake!  holy hot cakes!

enjoying these last warm days with some runs on the trail by our apartment.

rooting for boise state at a recent game against uw (sadly, the broncos were trounced).

bedside table for this homebody.

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