Friday, September 20, 2013

september visitors.

Summer is the time for taking trips and for hosting guests, and Chris and I have been glad to open our home to visitors, although the quarters can get cozy in our small apartment.  All the better to bond with one another, right?  Whenever I get to show loved ones around my new (ish) home city, seeing it afresh through their eyes, I love it a little more.  

Here are a few photographs with our last out-of-town guests, Mom and Tay, who caught a glorious September weekend in Seattle...

Paseo's at Gas Works--all the Seattle classics.

It was a misty morning, and this was snapped shortly after it burned off and we all realized we were too.warm.

Laugh through your sweat.

We also took a long walk along one of our favorite paths, soaking in the last days of summer and the Puget Sound.

Found whilst shopping with Mom--I literally laughed out loud in the quiet, slightly snobby store.

Dessert at Hot Cakes with the gang.  Please note awkward cup hands by Steph and Chris.

Boozy shakes.

'Twas a 'twerrific trip.  (Twip?).  Come back soon.

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