Wednesday, October 16, 2013

bits & pieces.

life lately...

india.arie in concert with karianne.  we left feeling empowered and beautiful (and no longer mildly embarrassed that our glasses and outfits were accidentally too matchy-matchy).

i like this guy.

i'm taking delight in the first graders of alisa's classroom whenever i have the chance to visit.  they are smart and funny and surprising.

enjoying a goblet of fire as bob views the final harry potter film (for the first time!).

eating brownies in our pajamas while watching the colbert report.

big, grown-up decisions.

watching films in the middle of the day.

jenni's birthday celebration in the middle of a corn maze--we hiked halfway through and then enjoyed a private bonfire (with various combinations of gluten- and dairy-free s'mores) before making our way through the final half.  merry birthday, dear jenni!

PS this farm had people called CORN COPS hiding amongst the stalks to keep the order.  you can't make this stuff up, people.

uncle tay tay with tiff and ian's kitten.

bridal happy hour for lindsay.

running with dad in one of my favorite seattle parks.

a happy autumn so far.

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