Wednesday, December 11, 2013

bits & pieces.

Life lately...

1. Westward facing.
2. Celebrating at the Cervantes nuptials.
3. N.T. Wright at SPU on the Psalms.
4. The spectacular Christena Cleveland at Quest Church on racial reconciliation.
5. Home on a foggy morning.
6. This year's ornament, gifted by my mama.
7. Thanksgiving.
8. Seattle Aquarium.
9 & 10. Delighted by harbor seals / matchy, matchy.
11. Piccolino's.
12 & 13. Deck the Hall Ball.
14. Listening to Bob's thoughts on Advent at group.
15. Celebrating the birthday girl at our favorite ice cream shop, despite the below-freezing temperatures.
16. When it's literally freezing out, visit your one friend with a hot tub.

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