Tuesday, January 7, 2014

bits & pieces.

Life lately...

1. Wrapping.
2. My beloved girl got engaged.  Looking forward to celebrating her and M throughout 2014.
3. A beautiful reminder by the talented Anna Taylor.  I am learning that time takes time, and we can't hurry through to the end. (PS It wouldn't be a bad idea to check out Anna's Etsy shop).
4, 5, & 6: Christmas in Portland.
7. Sisterhood.  Next time, no long-arm selfies...
8. My pups.
9. Gift cards well spent (resulting in more items to donate to Goodwill...trying to keep it simple around here these days).
10. My cute (+ kind) birthday date.
11. New Year's Eve at Devin's new home!
12. (I only wish you could see Braden's smoking jacket in all its glory).
13. Kali sparkles.


  1. Yes! Happy belated birthday dear, SJ! I was caught up in a whirl of reuniting with Josh and completely spaced. Love all these photos. I also wish I could see the smoking jacket in full glory. But I am glad that Howie and Lexi made an appearance.