Thursday, January 23, 2014

meet juniper.

Chris asked that we wait a year before adding any pets to our family.  Naturally, on our one-year anniversary, I was searching the Seattle Animal Shelter website.  Can you see why we fell in love with her?  Even Chris's cat-hesitant heart was won over by her spunky and brave self.

Juno was rescued at a very young age from the streets, and still has a tendency to be skittish or nervous, but we are building trust quickly.  It is a delight to see her personality blossom as she begins to feel safe with us.  She's also a beautiful living reminder to me that healing takes time, and can't be hurried. 

 Having her at home with us is a delight. 

Watching 30 Rock together.


    she is sleek! methinks I see adventure in her eyes.