Thursday, January 2, 2014


I found this ridiculous app on the interwebs that compiles your information from Facebook and then computer-generates status updates for you.  The results are hilarious, bizarre, and often eerily dead-on...

A sampling for you of Sarahbot!

There was a clear spiritual bent to much of my FB activity:

There were memories of the Ocean Beauty days:

And wedding planning:

Chris surfaced regularly:

And other loved ones:

Some strangely true-to-life statements:

Maybe my favorite one:

And some that were weirdly beautiful:


I'm so very glad to share this time-suck of a website with you.  Feel free to venture over and create your own silly robot-statuses (and share them with me?).


  1. LOL

    "It's a squirrel. Chris Kyle." and "Sadly I've already done this once with a tub of cookie dough" maaaaay be my faves. But the "It's a family reunion and a forum of students and professionals coming together to talk about SEX." is really close in the running.

  2. Hah! I love it. I'm catching up on your blog posts today! How have I missed this many?!

    1. because you're in nursing school and i have many feelings.