Sunday, February 23, 2014

bits & pieces.

life lately...

1. game night + the one cocktail we know how to make.
2. t is 26!
3. b is 25!
4. juno keeps getting cuter.
5. seattle finally joined the rest of the country with a little snowfall.
6. haircut + seeing my hair styled straight for the first time in a few years.
7. inspired to send more love by snail mail (missing theresa).
8. danni gets into grad school.
9. we try geocaching and devin finds the cache every time.
10. mama meets her grandkitty (her words, not mine).
11. celebrating chris' new job.
12. my kitty friend is so faithful. 


  1. the hair and the glasses - tres chic! And I love you and Juniper (aka "grandkitty") curled up in the blanket that I got for you! That warms up my heart on this cold northern plains day.

    1. She has claimed it as her blanky, Smash. She sleeps on it day and night, when she's not knocking things over.