Monday, February 3, 2014

i'm about...

These days, I'm about watching the sunset from my couch in the afternoons.  I'm about missing the rain but loving the clear, cold days.  I'm about trying to read more articles from the weekly issue of Time so I know what's going on in the world.  I'm about birthday parties and Sherlock and cleaning up in the mornings when kitty knocks over my potted plants during her nighttime adventures.  I'm about film awards season and Jennifer Lawrence's pixie cut and our local three dollar theatre.  I'm about being more brave and honest with everyone, including myself.  I'm about less pressure, all around, praise God.

I'm about...

...making this salad.

...watching 30 Rock on Netflix (currently in the midst of season 3 and unable to form the words to properly express my devotion to Tina Fey).

...homemade s'mores with the oven on broil.

...reading on the couch in the afternoon while the kitten naps.

...girl jams in the car by HAIM (The Wire--sort of a silly video but a fun song).

...getting into the Seattle spirit.

...having people over / perfecting my phone's panorama option.

...her.  I laughed and cried and felt like the entire movie was filmed during a sunset, meaning every shot was gorgeous and gauzy.

I want to be about a new job and taking risks.  I want to be about knowing the poor.  I want to be about helping Steph plan her wedding.  I want to be less about social media and more about noticing the trees and the birds and the wind.  I want to be about giving others the benefit of the doubt and calling my brother a little more often.  I want to be about making music, even alone, at home, because I love it.  I should be about foam rolling.  I want to be about presence and mindfulness, not scattered multi-tasking.  I want to be about hope.

What are you about these days?

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