Sunday, February 9, 2014

victoria, bc.

 chris and i took the ferry over to victoria, bc to mark one year of marriage in january.  it was an important way to celebrate the hard work of our marriage, and escape the rhythms and distractions of our everyday lives in seattle.  we enjoyed beautiful weather and ate very well.  

highlights: the ferry ride through the san juan islands, the local cidery after waiting way too long for lunch (hangry sarah), our first airbnb rental, walking along the water and talking about the kingdom of God, feeling downton-esque at craigdarroch castle, devouring dark chocolate after dinner, and trying to teach ourselves about the parliamentary system in victoria's capitol building.

lowlights: paying too much money to tour the buchart gardens in the dead of winter (when visiting the gift shop after wandering through the almost totally empty gardens, chris and i were unfortunately greeted with postcards and calendars displaying the grounds in what was clearly the height of spring and summer, reminding us that we had just paid $50 to walk along pathways lined primarily by shrubs and evergreens).  also, watching black swan for the first time right before bed--not a relaxing way to wind down, for future reference.

forgive the mirror selfie.

(this is chris mocking after a long weekend of me saying, "go stand in front of that and i'll take a picture.")

as i put it on the gram:  
"One year.  Taking time today to celebrate and reflect and dream of the next year, wanting especially to think about how to live with intention as we make decisions about money, jobs, time, and relationships.  'Don't live carelessly, unthinkingly.  Make sure you understand what the Master wants.' (Ephesians 5:17)."


here's to another one, boo.


  1. Beautiful pictures Sarah! We should all go here or to Vancouver this summer. Just saying.

  2. Your captions never disappoint.

    Blessings on your second year of marriage!