Tuesday, March 25, 2014

bits & pieces.

life lately...

1.  Spring has sprung!
2.  Cat nap.
3-7: Taylor turns 23 and cooks delicious food for a lot of people who love him.  I'm very glad he was born.
8.  Oscar party, courtesy of M. Frank.  
9.  More perks of spring: back to walking along the waterfront near the Sculpture Park.
10.  Remembering we are dust.
11.  Soaking in the sun on our tiny porch.
13.  Rainy day board games in a tiny hobbit hole of a bar.
14.  The only normal picture we took.
15.  The crowds of people at the University of Washington Quad last Sunday shows how frantic (and glad) Seattlites get over sunshine.


  1. Lerrrrrve the oscar party photo. you are fab.

    Does your tradition do an Ash Wednesday service?

    1. si to ash wed service!

    2. That's neat! I never heard of anyone but Catholics doing Ash Wednesday. I knew some of my Lutheran friends observed Lent, but that's about it!

  2. I also lerve that "Med bunt" made an appearance.

    1. NO JOKE, we talked about med bunt at the party! danny couldn't remember its origins, but i set him straight.

    2. So glad to know that med bunt at the party - truly a moment to be stored and treasured in memory forever. Glad Danny got refreshed on how it all went down.