Sunday, May 4, 2014

a visit.

When someone drives over a hundred miles to try your favorite coffee shop and see the view from your family room window and sit on the couch talking till past midnight--you know you are loved.  It was a delight to host Tiffers for a few days on her spring break.  While the photos suggest we did little else but frolic through plants, her visit also involved delicious food, a tour of Theo Chocolate Factory (hence the hair nets), watching Fantastic Mr. Fox (her first viewing!), and introducing her to her niece-cat, Juniper.

^^This picture is the best because it was an accident.

Come back soon, sweet friend.


  1. Thank you for embarrassing my visit. Taking time to chat with me, and having heart to hearts is my love language. (I know it's a cheesy way to say it, but that act speaks to deeply to my soul like few other wonderful things do.) & spending time in your lovely home, seeing your baby kitty, and hanging out with you and Chris was such a cherished time.

    1. i love heart to hearts with you!