Tuesday, November 18, 2014

long beach.

In October I got to spend a long weekend in Long Beach visiting the Queen of Cool herself, Theresa, in her new home on the California coast.  Highlights of the trip: all the tacos, that fabulous mustard yellow couch, hunting for treasures at the Melrose Trading Post, taking in the smoggy views from the Griffith Observatory, spending three out of four days at the beach, watching quirky indie movies every night, and THE COOKING--oh my, the cooking by those sisters--especially the bulgar salad and the sea salt chocolate chip cookies.

Low lights: my dumb cold + getting only four hours of sleep the night before I flew out (remedied by much sleep the next eve).  Also the time my contact fell out of my eye and never recovered, meaning for the rest of the trip, I had to decide between seeing with my glasses but being blinded by the sun, or seeing with my sunglasses but accepting that everything beyond a ten-foot radius appeared like a fuzzy watercolor painting.

To remember...


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