Sunday, January 11, 2015

bits & pieces.

Life lately...

...specifically this autumn, because I took a million photos for the million celebrations in December and thus am a little behind.  ABOVE, yurting with 100% chance of rain.

Tea whilst yurting, because it's glamping.

My ideal evening.

Halloween 2014: Murder at the Juice Joint (I was the character named Kitty and said "Right meow" a lot).

Cider-tasting with Dad & Helen.

I feel a little silly posting this mirror selfie, but...we went back to Canlis to have dinner in November, which was strange and bittersweet and surprisingly, wonderful.  I feel completely sure it was the right decision to leave because I am a happier and healthier person in my new workplace, but I also recognize the magic of what Canlis attempts to create each night, and how thoughtful and generous they are toward each person who walks through their door.  It's not stuffy for such a fine dining restaurant, yet I also recognize how many people would feel uncomfortable or out-of-place there, and I feel some tension over that--I appreciate the beauty and attention to detail they cultivate, and I observe the reality that it is a place for the uber-privileged, mostly.

Plant babies saved from the freeze + cat baby.

Reunited and giddy with Karianimal.

We bought a new couch!

"I accept your couch offering, peasant." -Juniper

A little treasure I stumbled upon... #ministryman #thathair

I cried and pretended Danni Reaves was holding my hand the entire time.

Welcome back to campus, Tent City!

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