Wednesday, January 28, 2015

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Life lately...

...December edition!  I'm feeling sassy, so bear with me.  Also there were a lot of happenings in December to report, which is why this post is finally going up at the end of January.

December kicked off with a Christmas concert fundraiser at the little church we've been attending.  Ticket sales went to support the men's shelter that resides in the building during winter months.  This is a snap from off-stage during a rehearsal; you can see the lovely set in all its glory, as designed by the whimsical and creative Lexi.  Highlights from the evening included Trevor MCing the show as Ron Burgundy + a rendition of Let It Go while a video of dogs running in slow motion played in the background.

Juniper and I did a little wrapping.  She really has an eye for detail.

We caught a performance of The Nutcracker with the home team.  The reason I love them is that we had talked about going out for drinks after the show, but every single person wanted to go home and get into their pajamas instead.  #mypeople

Winning at the White Elephant Gift Exchange.

Juniper's first road trip / 2014 family Christmas photo.

She seemed to take well to life on the road.

We enjoyed Christmas Eve at Grandma & Grandpa's house with Mom's family, per usual.  Chris was devastated to not win a prize at the gift exchange again, despite recruiting several family members to vote for his entry.  Maybe not in the Christmas spirit, eh, Chris?

The theme of this year's gift exchange game was "Throwback Christmas," so my grandma dug this bad boy (girl?) out.  It was a gift from her late father one year and she was left speechless after unwrapping it.  Let's take a closer look:


On Christmas Day, we caught a film and enjoyed a delicious dinner with Dad & Helen at the Kennedy School.

The next day we ran around on Mt. Tabor and felt fit.  This was also the day we visited the Adidas employee store, but no photographs have survived because that place was a half-price wilderness and each woman for herself.

There were reunions to be had.

Ice cream (even the dairy-free variety for me) to be devoured.

Brunch to be photographed.

And a cute mom to hug.

We then headed back up to Seattle to spend my birthday at home--only to discover we had been robbed.  This is a photo of Juniper comforting me at 3 AM when I still couldn't fall asleep.

The next morning, we tried to rally and made vegan cinnamon rolls for my birthday.  Chris had impeccable timing snapping this photo of tea spilling out of my mug and burning my hand.

In fact, I feel a strange deva ju looking at this photo...

There it is.

After a lot of crying and Psalm-reading, I pulled myself together (ABOVE: photo evidence of me, age 26, looking semi-calm).  The first half of Birthday was spent getting new bank accounts and reporting missing passports...

...but then my loves rallied to make sure I felt celebrated.  We ate Thai take-out on the floor, which helped to normalize our space post-robbery, and then went to see the fantastical Birdman at a tiny theatre in the U-District.

And that's pretty much a wrap on Christmas 2014, although I will have a separate post up for our anniversary celebrations at Treehouse Point.  Suffice it to say: this Christmas season had its highs, and it had its lows.  In retrospect, we are incredibly grateful that each of us had two full weeks off from work to wade through all the emotions and logistics of recovering from a robbery, on top of everything else kicked up by traveling, spending time with family, and marking another year of life (and marriage).  

More than ever, I see the people around me as means of unrelenting grace.  We do not face our difficult moments alone.  Thanks be to God!

And thanks to you if you made it all the way through this post.

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