Wednesday, May 6, 2015

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Life lately...
Winter catch-up edition!

Most lunch breaks this winter were spent trudging across SPU's campus to the practice rooms, trying to get my fingers around the music being played in the community orchestra I joined this year (Tchaikovsky #4 was quite the challenge, Beethoven a welcome friend).  It's funny, writing this in May, how quickly we forget the darkness of winter days.  Every spring, it seems alien to me that the world would be dark by 5 PM, yet this is taken for granted all winter-long.  I remember only as I sort through photos from the past few months...


Kansas is lucky to have him, and I miss him terribly.  We were lucky to have a few visits from Tay this winter and look forward to summer reunions!

Juniper toiling tirelessly, per usual.

The best Valentine's celebration a girl could ask for.

Birthday brunch with a beloved friend.  

The Oscars: this IS my Super Bowl, ya'll. (Loved Birdman and was happy to see it do so well, but the Boyhood director was robbed.  Also, Michael Keaton).

Cat baby survived her first bath.  Cat mommy may have shed a few tears.

But eventually, we all relaxed again.

And then signs of spring began to emerge--in spite of the short, dark days, we had a mild winter in Seattle this year and the cherry blossoms emerged early, which felt like a welcome promise.

The days grew longer.

And here we are, barreling right into the month of May, nearly halfway through the year.  Life is full, full of work, tests, visits from loved ones, and MANY weddings, but there are so many things that make me glad, and I hope putting them here on this corner of the web will help me to remember.

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