Thursday, May 21, 2015

happy list.

1.  Lunch time walks along the canal.
2.  Fresh mango from our CSA box (it's like dessert).
3. Sparkling water from Trader Joe's (it feels fancy, but it's less than a dollar a bottle).
4.  Something non-food related: In Treatment, Season 1 (free for Amazon Prime members!).  I'm obsessed.  My only tip is to not skip ahead and watch only one patient's episodes, because you'll miss certain plot developments watching episodes out of order.
5.  Sundays.  Our community at Emmanuel on Sunday mornings + our Game of Thrones evenings with the home team (at Michael's, always with too many snacks) makes it a day I look forward to all week.
6.  Rachel Held Evans' Searching for Sunday, for articulating in such a brilliant fashion the journey so many of us are on--a journey to pursue our spirituality and faith without sacrificing intellectual honesty or integrity, and without drawing unnecessary lines in the sand about who's "in" and who's "out."
7.  Looking through pictures from Marissa and Tyler's whirlwind wedding weekend in sunny California.
8.  IM chats with my co-workers when work is dreary or hard.
9.  Taylor successfully finishing  year one of graduate school and VISITING THE PNW THIS SUMMER.
10.  Hawaii plans...

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