Monday, September 21, 2015


Highlights: My first plane ride over the ocean, unbelievably blue water, seeing the sunrise due to baby jet lag, our dreamy VRBO rental (complete with beach chairs and umbrella), four books read, lounging by the condo pool, wearing hats everywhere, Waimea Canyon, our impulsive boat tour along the Na Pali coast, Chris passing his test (!), my vacation wardrobe (mostly sourced from my life stylist and general counsel, Marissa), and time to talk, everyday.

Lowlights: Slicing my foot open in the ocean, the cost of Neosporin on an island, the cost of all food except papayas and spam on an island, running out of conditioner by the third day, and taking a while to relax out of my IT'S VACATION LET'S DO ALL THE THINGS mindset.

Here's to more travels around the beautiful world, with the one who knows me best.

An attempted selfie.

I made Chris do this pose.

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